Fish Tacos

One of my “go to” recipes in the rotation.


  • Corn Tortillas.  NOT the preformed hard ones.
  • Gardein fish (2 packages for 4 people)
  • Oil (any)
  • Lettuce or cabbage
  • Tomato

I like using one pan and using a small cast iron skillet (about 8″ diameter max) as this is enough for a corn tortilla without wasting too much oil.
Heat  small amount of oil in a skillet.  Fry frozen fish about 4 minutes each side.  Set aside.  You will need at least 1 piece per taco. You can use 2 pieces.  I like to use 1 and 1/2 pieces per taco.  The package contains 6 pieces, so that is 4 tacos per package. I like to serve two tacos per person (with some sides).

Add a bit of oil so that you can fry the tortillas..I like it about 1/4″ deep.   Make sure the oil is hot.  Get a plate and set it near the skillet.  Line the plate with paper towels.

Using heat proof tongs, place one tortilla in the pan.  Flip over.  In 30 seconds or so, fold the tortilla into the proper shape. Cook another 30 seconds and then flip over to the other side.  Take out in a minute when starting to crisp and brown.  How long you leave them in depends on how crispy you like it.

Remove with tongs…drain excess oil back to the pan and then place on paper towels on plate.  Do it again.

If you are using half pieces of the fish, cut them now.  Place fish into taco shells.  Serve with lettuce (or cabbage) and tomato.

Optional toppings include fresh avocado slices.  Guacamole.  Salsa. Chopped onions.  Green onions. Cabbage.  I highly recommend at least avocado slices and some salsa.

Serve with rice and beans… or some chili.