I highly recommend reviewing the recipes and trying them out. There are so many great resources on various pages and blogs. Some people love using Pinterest to see all the images of amazing vegan dishes. No one site is perfect, some have annoying video ads. Some of them have their own take on recipes that maybe does not resonate with you (no oil, gluten free, etc). Some use different measurements (600 grams…er..what?). Some of them I really have trouble with the navigation.. they just show you all the dishes but you have to wade thru pages of deserts to find the next entree. Some use European ingredients.  Some call out for more special ingredients that I normally replace with something in my pantry.  But again… these are great resources.  Check them out.  So many delicious foods to make!

My favorite sites that I have found, the first group are totally amazing.

And there are so many others that have awesome recipes-