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Here are some quick links to help you on your path. These are grouped so you can easily find them. If you are new to veganism or thinking about making a change, or even if you are wondering what to cook on Meatless Mondays… there should be something here for you.

Videos that motivate or explain veganism. Most can be found on Netflix or Youtube or Amazon Prime. This Youtube video is an eye opener-

This is a good list:

Health and eating plant based:
The Game Changers
What the Health
Forks Over Knives
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
Eating You Alive
Food, Inc.

The environment and eating plant based:

Animal ethics and eating plant based:

Recipes. You can try using some of mine. I am a huge advocate of using Google calendar to plan meals and creating your own simple vegan meals. Myself, I like having simple meals to fall back on and use up pantry items, and then have some fun experimenting with new dishes. I find it fun to make vegan equivalents of foods I grew up on. There is not much that can not be made with plants!

I have come to really love certain websites more than others, for having recipes that I have tried and loved.
Like these-

My collection of recipes. Try the lasagna. Trust me.

Helpful hints

What to stock in your pantry? Stuff about trying out veganism